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Corey Cuc - Hot Rod Tattooing in Martins Ferry, OhioI work at Hot Rod Tattooing in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Living here in the valley is pretty decent. I have a lot of sweet tarantulas, 3 cats and 2 dogs and I have a awesome wife and an amazing life. I also own a 1950 custom Shoebox Ford that I worked my ass off for. I feel I'm a pretty well rounded tattooer and I would like to work with you personally on your custom design, I've found my niche and don't have plans to do anything else. I hope to be tattooing ‘til my hands are broken down or I can't do it anymore, so that's the plan. Feel free to send me a message regarding appointments or with any questions you might have about getting tattooed or the dumb shit I did in high school.

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